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Making a War Band

The first step in the process of playing Flint and Feather is to create your very own War Band. You are represented by a Great Warrior figure. You can then choose other figures to round out your War Band from Veteran Warriors, Companions (your sub-leaders), to War-bearers, Striplings and even a Healer or Shaman. Players agree on a number of furs that will be used for the campaign and then you spend your furs convincing the other warriors from your tribe to join you in your campaign.
In actuality a tribe would decide on a course of action by agreement among elders and families of a tribe and authorize a Great Warrior to lead a campaign to achieve the objectives of the tribe. Some examples of these goals might be raiding the enemy, trading up the river or hunting.
Each type of warrior has a minimum and maximum number of models allowed in your War Band. Each type then costs a certain amount of "Furs" to convince to accompany you on the expedition. Each type is given a Combat Va…

Introduction to the Flint and Feather Rules!

Flint and Feather is a skirmish level set of tabletop rules for use with the official Flint and Feather Miniatures. The figures are 28mm scale and have been sculpted by Bob Murch. Bob himself put this project in motion when he read the book the Orenda by Joseph Boyden, Oneworld Publications: 2013. This story follows Bird an elder and one of the Huron Nation’s great warriors and statesmen. The story outlines his trips to meet the French in Quebec City and his interaction with the members of his tribe, a Jesuit missionary named Christophe and culminates in the sacking of the village by Iroquois warriors. This book inspired Bob to begin sculpting. Soon Howard Whitehouse was contacted and contracted to create a set of rules to play tabletop games that represent this era. So far Howard and his cohort Roderick Robertson have developed a Beta play test set of rules which have been farmed out to a few individuals. Some sample figures have also been presented including a give away at Council F…