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An Important Kickstarter Announcement

We at Crucible Crush Productions just wanted to take the time to discuss our Kickstarter with all those that may be following this blog. Back in July, we were doing our best to look ahead and we announced that we would be running our Flint and Feather Kickstarter at the end of October. As many of you know we did not run a Kickstarter at that time. We will attempt to make the reason for this decision clear.

We as a company do not need to run a Kickstarter to get our miniature figures to market. We attend trade shows, we have a website in place and through our companies, Pulp Figures and Rafm Miniatures we have been producing tiny lead soldiers for over 30 years. Crucible Crush Productions was created by Bob Murch and Lee VanSchaik to create projects that could not be done by either of us alone. Therefore, when we say that we want to run a Flint and Feather Kickstarter it is not to simply get some new miniatures out on the market.

We envision Flint and Feather as a complete gaming syste…

Susquehanna Playtest

We were down in Lancaster Pennsylvania on the banks of the Susquehanna River, which we followed through the mountains, to get to Fall In 2015. It was great to spend time with Howard and play the game with six eager play testers. I ran two separate games and Howard ran a third. We then sat down and pounded through the rules and made notes and just got generally on the same page in our thinking.

The most important change to the play test rules so far concerns close combat. We are only fighting one round of combat now. So in the rules on page 32 where the section is titled "The Defender Replies" we are not doing this step in the combat sequence. Please make this change to your playtesting. However, this rule change has brought on another change in the rules as follows.

When a player moves a group into combat, as per "Declare Combats" on page 27 the Attacker can line up the figures in any way he chooses, moving figures into base to base contact with opponents that are …

Grand River Playtest

We had another play test of the rules on Saturday night. This time we were in Cambridge near the Grand River which is a long time home for the natives here in Ontario. We had two games going side by side with our usual six figures on each side. Once again we were teaching new players the rules so we ran the rules as written. Not being the writers of the rules we need to get a good grasp on the rules as written before we make any changes anyway. This is because we are not changing the rules to simply make changes to something that is working. We are attempting to make a revised version of the rules that plays simply and quickly while maintaining the integrity of the game. The old adage of, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," is definitely being kept in mind during these play tests. We are also working on these play tests to create a set of rules that is readable and makes sense and plays easily as written, so it is good to have new players involved. Fortunately Howard…

Council Fires 2015 Rules Playtest

We were at Council Fires in Cambridge Ontario yesterday and had a great day playtesting the rules and seeing our old friends again. This show was very successful in its second year with over 75 gamers in attendance. They are looking for bigger and better things next year as they move to Brantford Ontario on October 21st and 22nd, 2016. Please join us there next year.

We had two Flint and Feather games going simultaneously. I am afraid that when we run these demo games at shows and because we are so early in the playtesting stages of the rules that we do not get very fancy with the games. We are always teaching the rules to gamers who have not played them before so we keep it pretty straight forward and easy. In this case we simply lined up two groups of six warriors across the table from each other and let them close into combat. Wargamers, being wargamers of course try to do some fancy stuff with this limited set up so we can get some gamers trying to outwit their opponents, which a…

Hurontario Playtests

I have finished off my other Crucible Crush projects, well just the Star Crush Rulebook, so I have time to focus on the Flint and Feather rules. So we got together to set up our demo games for upcoming conventions which we will be attending which include KegsCon, Council Fires and with the goal of ending at Fall In in November. Then we played through a quick game to gloss up on the rules. It was also Dave's first full game and our objective is to learn the system thoroughly in the next month so we can decide how we want the rules to fall together.

So here are some pictures and a synopsis from our demo game.
The Huron player (Dave) set up three warriors with bows in the woods protecting one of the patrol markers. We were playing a random scenario from the early version of the campaign rules and set up our board according to that system. These three warriors held down the flank and used bows to cause damage to my Iroquois. It was an effective strategy.

This is the second group of wa…

The Haudenosaunee Longhouse

The Iroquois (Haudenosaunee or "People of the Longhouses") and the aboriginal Huron built and inhabited longhouses. These were sometimes more than 100 m (330 ft) in length and generally around 5 to 7 m (16 to 23 ft) wide. The walls were made of hundred of saplings, sharpened and fire hardened, and driven into the ground close together. Bark, with a staple being birch bark, was then woven horizontally through the lines of saplings to shield the families from the weather. Horizontal poles were then used to brace the walls up. The roof was placed on top of these walls by bending saplings, resulting in an arc-shaped roof. Leaves and grasses covered this frame providing a roof structure. This structure was then covered by bark that was sewn in place and layered as shingles, and reinforced by light swag.
The Longhouse had doors at each end of the structure which were covered with an animal hide to keep out the cold and the weather. Doors could also be inserted in the sid…

Close Combat Playtest

A playtest report sent to us by Howard Whitehouse, the writer of the rules. Enjoy... My regular gaming partner and opponent Dan Foley agreed that we'd try out a couple of changes to the rules. Both Roderick and Lee had suggested that, instead of the existing 'I hit you/you hit me' system, we let the defender also hit when he scored more successes than the attacker.
This involved a minor change to let the defender redeploy his figures before combat, but this was straightforward enough. Since we wanted to focus on close combat, 
both Dan's Mohawks and my Huron's split into a larger group on the valley floor, while putting a smaller group of archers across the creek to provide 'arrow support'. Dan outfoxed me in getting his men into a higher position, and my attempts to rush my archers up the  'natural staircase' to the top of the cliff were accompanied by a collection of light wounds - and a kill - from Dan's laughing bowmen. 

Dan's 'close…

Flint and Feather for sale at Historicon

The first Flint and Feather figures will be available for sale at Historicon. We will have four packs available. Howard Whitehouse will also be around to run demo games of the rules. Come visit us and say hello. Let us know you follow this blog and get a free miniature.

Making a War Band

The first step in the process of playing Flint and Feather is to create your very own War Band. You are represented by a Great Warrior figure. You can then choose other figures to round out your War Band from Veteran Warriors, Companions (your sub-leaders), to War-bearers, Striplings and even a Healer or Shaman. Players agree on a number of furs that will be used for the campaign and then you spend your furs convincing the other warriors from your tribe to join you in your campaign.
In actuality a tribe would decide on a course of action by agreement among elders and families of a tribe and authorize a Great Warrior to lead a campaign to achieve the objectives of the tribe. Some examples of these goals might be raiding the enemy, trading up the river or hunting.
Each type of warrior has a minimum and maximum number of models allowed in your War Band. Each type then costs a certain amount of "Furs" to convince to accompany you on the expedition. Each type is given a Combat Va…