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Oshweken Playtest

Oshweken is a village on the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation Indian reserve near Brantford, Ontario, Canada.We were in Brantford for a local show at the Legion Hall and ran a day long campaign game of Flint and Feather. My goal was to work through a couple or few games using the campaign rules in between tabletop games to see how they ran and tweak any issues. We were successful in that we did get a chance to get a good assessment of the campaign rules.
We had two players lined up, Tom and Wayne, who sat down to bash on each other. Neither had played the game before so it would be a good test of the rules. This was also the first convention playtest that we used Shaman rules and Orenda. We also used the Warband Record Sheets for each player. Four Sheets of six man Warbands had been prepared the night before. Each Warband was created equally using a Great Warrior, Companion, Veteran Warrior, Warbearer, Stripling and Shaman. Therefore all Warbands were valued at 135 Furs ea…

Modelling the Three Sisters

One of my friends had bought me some Christmas wreath material that he swore was great to use to model corn rows. He was right. However, when modelling corn rows for the legendary pre-contact era one must take into consideration that the first nations peoples planted in clumps rather than rows. Also, they grew the three sisters together, which were corn, beans and squash in the northeastern area of North America with which we are concerned. So I decided to try and model the three sisters together rather than simple corn rows. So here is a quick demonstration of how to model the three sisters for your Flint and Feather tabletop skirmish games. I don't think this is anything new to the gaming genre but adding the three sisters in may be a bit of a novelty.

1. I started with wood rectangles of 1/8 thick wood, cut to 2" x 4' size. A glue and water mixture was slathered on top and fine grain sand drizzled on top to provide texture. This was allowed to dry and then painted brown…

Campaign Playtest

I am very proud to report that we sat down with four players on Sunday evening and started working on the campaign rules for the Flint and Feather game. We started by making up 100 Fur Warbands each. We had four players, two of which had played before but in the earlier playtesting versions. So we put two players on each side and started teaching the rules with our new upgraded warbands.

 We found a couple of key things out about how the rules were written. In no particular order these are:
1. Furs Markers should be set up no closer than 9" to either player edge and at least 6" from another marker in order to play on a 36" square board.
2. Huge Club is still in equipment but has no effect in the basic game.
3. Monsters move at the end of the active players turn. So, Active Player takes first action, Reaction by opponent, Active player takes second action. Monsters now move. Second Player become Active Player and does first Action, first player Reaction, second player fi…