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Multi Warband Game

We playtested our first of several mutli War Band games over the past two weeks. These games will be large scenarios that will appear in the rulebook. Our largest game had four War Bands per side. This game had over eighty figures on the board and had Canoes, Shamans and Spirit Creatures involved. It was a very involved game. We had to re work the scenario and played it a couple of times. It was played on a large size table, 48" x 60", but probably could of fit on a bit smaller size set up. We also had to rework the canoe rules to make them more playable. It seems that canoes, although perhaps realistic, moved too slowly to be very playable in the game. We have therefore

This is what the Board Set up looked like. A small river which runs through a swamp and empties into a lake. The Defending War Bands had three War Bands on shore waiting by the edge of the lake in the red area. Thefourth War Band entered in canoes in the corner which is also marked in red. The attacker could…