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Campaign Turn #7 Part 2

We concluded Campaign Turn #7 this past week.We had a Patrol scenario game. We tweaked the scenario in a few ways to get the proper feel for a Patrol. In this scenario the defender starts on the board with one group and brings the rest of his troops on the board once the attacker is spotted. The attacker for his part starts off the table and enters turn #1. The Defender must move through three patrol points in order to win the scenario. The Defender in our scenario was outmatched in terms of figure count, even though it was the second tabletop battle of the turn for the Attacker and he had wounded warriors.
In the Campaign Game you can only fight two tabletop battles in one campaign turn. Without going into too much detail, you can take a Forage Order, which is meant to be an aggressive, attacking campaign order, and if you do you can issue a challenge but still be challenged by another player who performs a Forage Order as well. This player had been an Attacker and then had been cha…

Campaign Turn #7

We have been working thru Turn Seven of our campaign game.This turn seemed to hold a lot of discussion. First we had a player make a successful Trip to Kebec. This brought on discussion about what should be available there to trade with the Europeans. Other than the obvious "Shining Wood" we have added the European Axe and the European Knife. Both of these items give you a bonus in close combat. The European Axe gives you a bonus of +1d6 when using the Counter Blow Card. The European Knife will negate the bonus against using a secondary weapon and is therefore good to give to warriors with bows.  You can also acquire glass beads and metal cooking pots. Both of these items have a positive effect in the campaign game.
We then ran thru the Aftermath Phase for Turn 6 and started our Turn 7. In this turn we had a player get challenged twice in a turn. This has never happened before so we needed to work out the effects of it in the Campaign Game which is why we are here.
We also …