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Nassagaweya Close Combat Playtest Part One

We were in the area of Nassagaweya Township is a geographic township and former municipality in Halton Region, Ontario, Canada for our most recent playtest of the Flint and Feather rules.
The township was created in 1819, its name derived from the Mississauga word nazhesahgewayyong, meaning 'river with two outlets.' This refers to the fact that watercourses in the township drain to both Lake Ontario and the Grand River system. This area of Ontario is rich in the history of the Native American Northeastern Indians.

We got together to playtest the new revisions to the close combat rules that Howard had worked up for us. We rather enjoyed the system and it took less than two hours for us to run an eight versus eight figure fight. We would have finished much sooner because the Great Warrior of the Mohawk Warband was dropped and his compatriots fled the scene on a bad Nerve Test. The Great Warrior was then trussed up like a deer and readied to be carried off the board to be torture…

Flint and Feather Article to be Released in "Forging a Nation" eZine

This article about the Flint and Feather game and miniatures line will appear in the online magazine 
Forging A Nation. We present the first part of the article here to provide some background to the Flint and Feather project.
You can find the magazine on facebook at ACW Gamer: The Ezine or on the web at

Issue 3 Winter 2016
By Alexander Mitchell

Wargaming the Legendary Pre-Contact Era in North America

Prior to the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, warfare was an integral part of Iroquoian culture. Conflict was a regular occurrence between the tribes of the Wendat, Mahican, Cofitachequi, Susquehannock, Petun, Oneida, Micma and Algonquin . The five Iroquois nations, identifying themselves as “The People of the Longhouse,” were the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and
Seneca, later to be joined by the Tuscarora. Conflict among these peoples is characterized as primitive warfare due to any lack of desire for territorial gain or economic advancement. This combat,…