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Campaign Playtest Continues

We got together to playtest our rewrite of the Campaign Rules this week. All the players started with new Warbands. In this new system you get an amount of dice equal to the current CV of your Great Warrior. These are called War! Dice. All Great Warriors get to take a Companion and up to three Striplings with them as part of their Warband. You can then choose to either take a Key Character with you by giving up a single War! Dice for each Key Character you want to take with you or roll on the Warband Size Chart. The total of your dice determine what warriors you convince to go with you on your campaign turn to fight your tabletop battle.
For my Warband I took my Great Warrior, Companion and three Stiplings. I then put a War! Dice aside for a Veteran Warrior and a Healer. I then rolled my three remaining War! Dice for a total of ten and got five Warbearers to fill out my Warband.
We then rolled scenarios. I rolled an Attacker Ambushed scenario. So that means my opponent would have the…

Campaign Playtest Wednesday

On Wednesday evening we pushed forward our campaign rules playtest. We have been continuing along with our playtesting. In our third week we sat down to play again with one player being very dominant in his wins of tabletop games. This is good in playtesting as you can see how the system works with one player being successful.
 We had an interesting situation in one game with a Medicine Roll on the first turn. The player got the event Totem Appears. This is a medicine event from our extended list that we are now playtesting. The event causes the Warband to go to Inspired for the rest of the game. It also gives the player a spirit creature that has a CV of 5 and four hits to appear with the Great Warriors group and it stays for one complete turn. It happened early in the game so both players maneuvered to avoid or put the totem to use in close combat. The later was finally achieved and the Totem obliterated a War Bearer from the opponents Warband. We used a bear as a figure…

Campaign Playtests

We were at Council Fires in Brantford Ontario on October 21st and we ran a complete set of teaching games. We were also at Fall In in Lancaster Pennsylvania on November 3rd and 4th and we ran a demonstration game with 14 players on the Saturday night. Thanks to all who played!
We threw the players into a series of one on one games in order to help them learn the rules and although Howard Whitehouse and myself had to run around the games teaching rules, it was a great experience. We were very busy but we feel this helps the players learn the rules and keeps the games moving. It was also the first time we played with the Shining Wood in our playtesting games. The Shining Wood had quite an effect on the Warbands when they were fired.
As we move into campaign game playtesting there has been a lot of questions about dropped weapons or thrown weapons. The rules let you throw axes, spears, tomahawks and even knives. So the question is whether these items can be picked up again and how? After …