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The Project Continues

So work continues on the project with three major developments in the last few weeks.

1) The Flint and Feather Miniatures are the Figure Spotlight in the current issue of Wargames Illustrated. We are thankful for the support and coverage of this magazine. I have read the article and it gives a great overview of the whole North American period of colonial warfare. It also gives some details about the legendary pre-contact era for which the Flint and Feather miniatures are specifically designed.  The article in Wargames Illustrated written by Neil Smith tells about "...a form of warfare, the raid to take captives and slaves, intensified after European contact, whilst still being waged separately from Europe’s imperialist wars. As tribal casualties mounted, and replacements were desperately needed, a culture of war emerged known as the “mourning wars”. The most successful group to conduct these wars was the Iroquois. The Flint and Feather rules attempts to portray these 'mourning…