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An Important Kickstarter Announcement

We at Crucible Crush Productions just wanted to take the time to discuss our Kickstarter with all those that may be following this blog. Back in July, we were doing our best to look ahead and we announced that we would be running our Flint and Feather Kickstarter at the end of October. As many of you know we did not run a Kickstarter at that time. We will attempt to make the reason for this decision clear.

We as a company do not need to run a Kickstarter to get our miniature figures to market. We attend trade shows, we have a website in place and through our companies, Pulp Figures and Rafm Miniatures we have been producing tiny lead soldiers for over 30 years. Crucible Crush Productions was created by Bob Murch and Lee VanSchaik to create projects that could not be done by either of us alone. Therefore, when we say that we want to run a Flint and Feather Kickstarter it is not to simply get some new miniatures out on the market.

We envision Flint and Feather as a complete gaming syste…