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Yet Another Painting Guide for Flint and Feather Miniatures


Campaign Turn #8

I realized I hadn't posted in this blog for awhile. Things have been busy as I have about four things on my plate right now. I am of course playtesting this game and trying to get the manuscript in order. We have also been shipping many backorders as resin pieces come in. We are still trying to get the miniatures out to finish off the Kickstarter shipping. Finally we are going to Adepticon on March 23-25 and we have been working hard to get stuff out to our USA sponsor for that show. We hope to see you there. Please drop by Booth 51 and say hello.
Meanwhile we have been playing three games over the past month in order to get our Turn #8 sorted out. Our players went pretty aggressive this turn with all players taking a Forage order and then ganging up on two players. The Orenda Points leader (Orenda Points are what you use to determine who wins the campaign) won the initiative and put out a challenge and then in return was challenged by another player. The maximum you can face is …