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Campaign Turn #6

In this weeks campaign playtest we had one tabletop game. We also made a two minor tweaks to the rules to try to make the game slightly more flexible. The first change we made was to the Warband Recruitment Chart. This is the chart that you roll on to determine what, if any, warriors decide to join you on your expedition. We just made this chart more flexible allowing more variance to come up more often in the rolls. This is because we found that the players were rolling the same amount of dice on most turns and had very little variety in the Warbands. The second change we made was to the cost of adding warriors to the Warband. Previously you could put one or two War! Dice aside to buy a Special Character or Key Character to join your Warband. This allowed the player some control over the consistency of his Warband but at the cost of taking less overall total figures with him to the tabletop game. We simply made these costs cheaper due to the lack of War! Dice that appeared each turn.…

Campaign Turn #5

Once again this week we got together to pursue our creation and playtest of the Campaign Rules for Flint and Feather. Things are going well and all the players are very happy with how the game is running. We are just ironing out things that come up as we play and trying to cover all the bases. For instance in this evenings play we rolled a new scenario, picking and choosing to try the ones we have not playtested yet. Please note, a couple of the scenarios we have played multiple times. As stated we wanted to try something new so we put together a Defense scenario. This is designed for one a player who is on a Forage Order challenges a player which is on a Rest Order. So it is intended as a surprise attack against warriors working in the field or some such. Not necessarily in a fortified village which is the Assault Scenario that is mentioned earlier in this blog.
The Defender is given three objective points to defend. These represent, supplies or tools or some other implements that a…

Campaign Playtest Continues II

In this weeks update we moved into Turn #3. War! Dice were tallied and Councils were convinced. All four players performed a Forage Order and challenges were issued.
In the first game a Skirmish scenario was rolled and the players set up opposite each other. In the Skirmish scenario the Attacker moves his forces onto the table after the Defender is deployed in the starting area. The game was a success for both players. The defender grabbed four Furs Markers before being pushed off the table. The Attacker however captured both the Great Warrior and a Stripling from the Defenders Warband. In close combat the Great Warrior was knocked down, the Stripling was knocked down and a War-bearer was killed. The Nerve Test was failed by three or more and with no warriors to retreat the Great Warrior and Stripling were left to be bound by their opponent. In the Aftermath Phase the Great Warrior is automatically killed but the Stripling was adopted into the opponents tribe on a successful die roll…

Painting Flint and Feather Figures

One of our Campaign Playtesters, Mike, recently painted up some of the Flint and Feather figures so that he could use them in the Campaign playtesting. Below is some of the tips and tricks he used when painting the figures. Mike also glued some of the extra accessories onto some of the figures which gives them a new look. Read on and let us know how your painting is going with the figures.

These are the first 28mm figures I've painted in many years.  I was a little brush-shy at first, not being used to this scale.  However, once I got started things flowed quickly.  They are very easy figures to paint.  In particular, the castings were very clean with no flash to remove.

I began by reading Bob Murch's notes on how to paint the figures.  I took particular notice of his comments regarding selecting a consistent pallet for my war band.  Then, I did a Google Image search for "Iroquois war paint" and another for "Iroquois tattoos" to find good examples t…

War! Dice and Campaign Cards in the Campaign Game

On Thursday we sat down to another playtest session using the new Campaign Rules we had brewed up. We had just finished our tabletop battles from Turn #1 and we had gone thru most of the Aftermath phase. We were ready to begin our second turn. It was interesting that the players all wanted to take a Rest Order in the second turn. So learning the rules, and creating some new ones as we went, it was determined that you could only carry over half your War! Dice from the previous turn. This makes it important to spend your War! Dice especially if you have any extra because you do not round up, rather you round down any dice you carry over. War! Dice are what you earn for winning tabletop games and they are what you spend during your Campaign Turn.
For instance if you take five dice into the next turn you would get two War! Dice to add to your total for the next turn. So why not spend the one and only carry four over, if you were going to hold any dice over the next turn at all.
We felt th…