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Hurontario Playtests

I have finished off my other Crucible Crush projects, well just the Star Crush Rulebook, so I have time to focus on the Flint and Feather rules. So we got together to set up our demo games for upcoming conventions which we will be attending which include KegsCon, Council Fires and with the goal of ending at Fall In in November. Then we played through a quick game to gloss up on the rules. It was also Dave's first full game and our objective is to learn the system thoroughly in the next month so we can decide how we want the rules to fall together.

So here are some pictures and a synopsis from our demo game.
The Huron player (Dave) set up three warriors with bows in the woods protecting one of the patrol markers. We were playing a random scenario from the early version of the campaign rules and set up our board according to that system. These three warriors held down the flank and used bows to cause damage to my Iroquois. It was an effective strategy.

This is the second group of wa…