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Kickstarter Update

We would like to issue a formal update about the Kickstarter for Flint and Feather.

As you all know we have been working on getting the Kickstarter ready to go to present to our supporters. We had the preview posted last week and we have since taken it down.
Thank you for all who provided feedback on the Kickstarter.
However, two things came up over and over again from those who provided feedback for the Kickstarter. First, people were looking for the rules. The Flint and Feather rules are in playtesting right now. Some of you have played them at conventions. This is great and we will continue to run games such as at Little Wars on the upcoming weekend. We are scheduled to run a playtest game on Saturday night. If you are available please join us.
The second thing that came up was the fact that some people only wanted one set of miniatures rather than both box sets that we were offering in the basic pledge.
So we had to reconsider the Kickstarter given these two requests.
After hours…

Basic Game Playtest

Our playtest started with each of us choosing twelve figures to play. I had the brown based Mohawk while my opponent had the green based Huron. Both players separated their Warband into two groups. I had my Great Warrior with the Veteran Warrior and some Warbearers in one group with my two Companions and Shaman along with the Stripling and a Warbearer in a second group. My opponent had a similar setup. But he had a Companion with the Veteran Warrior with the Companion with the Great Warrior. This is the first time we had used Veteran Warriors so they were a neat addition to our force pool. It was also the first game with Shamans and Orenda involved (see the previous entry).

I won the initiative and took the first movement. I rolled a two and the Huron player rolled a five and in these rules the low roll is good, so I won the initiative. I immediately moved my Great Warrior at a walk forward to attempt to get to my first Furs Marker (again see the previous entry for more about Furs Ma…

Orenda Playtest

Orenda is a word that means "spiritual energy" in the Huron (Wyandot) language, and has often been used to refer to gods and spirits in the Iroquois tribes as well. Although any divine spirit could correctly be referred to as Orenda, the name is most commonly used to refer to the Creator or Great Spirit, or, among Christian Iroquois people, to God.

Stone Coat is the name of a mythological rock giant of the Iroquois-speaking tribes. In some tribal traditions there is only one Stone Coat, while in others, there is a whole race of them. Stone Coats are described as being about twice as tall as humans, with their bodies covered in rock-hard scales that repel all normal weapons. They are associated with winter and ice, and they hunt and eat humans. In some legends Stone Coats were once human, and became cannibal monsters as a curse punishing them for evil deeds, like the Windigos of Chippewa mythology. In other legends Stone Coats were never human, but were a tribe of primord…