An Important Kickstarter Announcement

We at Crucible Crush Productions just wanted to take the time to discuss our Kickstarter with all those that may be following this blog. Back in July, we were doing our best to look ahead and we announced that we would be running our Flint and Feather Kickstarter at the end of October. As many of you know we did not run a Kickstarter at that time. We will attempt to make the reason for this decision clear.

We as a company do not need to run a Kickstarter to get our miniature figures to market. We attend trade shows, we have a website in place and through our companies, Pulp Figures and Rafm Miniatures we have been producing tiny lead soldiers for over 30 years. Crucible Crush Productions was created by Bob Murch and Lee VanSchaik to create projects that could not be done by either of us alone. Therefore, when we say that we want to run a Flint and Feather Kickstarter it is not to simply get some new miniatures out on the market.

We envision Flint and Feather as a complete gaming system. What does that mean? Well if you have been following this blog you have been checking in here to learn about the rule system we are creating to go with the miniatures. We hope to release this rule book in printed form, which is a step forward from what has been done in the past by Pulp Figures. New to both us is completing the project including game cards, dice, rulers, markers and printed warband record sheets. This would be the first step in a complete gaming system. Future ideas include other types of Native American Indians, new rules and a campaign game book. We hope to follow this up with tournaments at future gaming conventions. We want to make this system exciting and easily playable for anyone who would want to pick up our game.

So that is the vision for Flint and Feather.

So where does that leave us now?

Bob Murch is currently sculpting figures. As many of you know he has five sets planned for the initial release: Iroquois Warriors, Huron Warriors, Canoes and Paddlers, Civilians and Spirit Creatures. All these figures are either under work or completed at this point. Bob felt he needed more time so we could present a more completed project to you on Kickstarter.

We are also working on the rules and getting them to a point where they are easy to play and provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience to all gamers. If you want to play the historical aspects of the period you will be able to do that. If you want to add spirit creatures and add a fantasy element to the game you will be able to do that. Although the focus of the game is the legendary pre-contact era you will be able to add European contact with the Campaign rules.

It is our hope that we will be able to present all these options to you through our Kickstarter. So that's why we are running a Kickstarter and that's why we have delayed it.

In the mean time we did run a successful play test of the rules using fifteen figures per side. We found out the Observation rules need to be totally reworked but Howard already knew that and is working on something for us. We also have another play test scheduled for the 12th and we will be posting the results of that play test in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile here are some pictures from the last gaming session we held.
The Iroquois hide on the edge of the woods, this places them in concealment in terms of observation and shooting.

Kurt lines up his bowmen. He loves to line up his bowmen.

The Iroquois charge from out of the trees to engage the Huron Warriors.

Kurt painted some figures.

Kurt uses his bowmen from the hill. This great piece of terrain was produced by Glenn Kidd of Test of Battle Games.


  1. I applaud your decision to delay your KS and present a developed line with a full range at the start of the campaign. I think that inspires much more confidence for buyers that they are getting a complete package. Maybe some European figures would make good stretch goals - I'm very keen to add some of them to my games!

    PS I'm still working on some playtest notes which I'll get to you over the Christmas break


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