Campaign Playtest Continues

The other players rolled an Assualt Scenario.
We got together to playtest our rewrite of the Campaign Rules this week. All the players started with new Warbands. In this new system you get an amount of dice equal to the current CV of your Great Warrior. These are called War! Dice. All Great Warriors get to take a Companion and up to three Striplings with them as part of their Warband. You can then choose to either take a Key Character with you by giving up a single War! Dice for each Key Character you want to take with you or roll on the Warband Size Chart. The total of your dice determine what warriors you convince to go with you on your campaign turn to fight your tabletop battle.
For my Warband I took my Great Warrior, Companion and three Stiplings. I then put a War! Dice aside for a Veteran Warrior and a Healer. I then rolled my three remaining War! Dice for a total of ten and got five Warbearers to fill out my Warband.
We then rolled scenarios. I rolled an Attacker Ambushed scenario. So that means my opponent would have the opportunity to ambush me as I tried to find him with a Forage Order. Not a good roll.
The tabletop was set up and then the opponent gets to choose an ambush site (piece of terrain) on the board and then chooses the tabletop that my warriors had to get off. I then had to set up my Warband within 2" of the Ambush site. Finally, the defender can choose three terrain pieces over 12" away from the Ambush site to perform the Ambush. The defender also gets Initiative for the first turn.
My Warband stands on the Ambush Marker
The defender rolled his Activation and was able to move groups led by a Companion or Great Warrior which meant both his groups could move. The first group fired off arrows while the second group consisting of his Great Warrior, two Warbearers and a Stripling ran forward to close the distance to my Warband. The arrows caused a light wound to one of my Warbearers. It was now my turn to React to this movement. I rolled a six and failed to activate my whole Warband. I was truly ambushed. My opponent continued closing the distance and fired more arrows at my Warband with no effect.
Now it was my turn for Activation. I activated my Warband rolling a one, all groups activated. I then spotted his Group that was by this point only 2" away from my Warband. I spotted him in the open and charged the group with half my warriors. In the ensuing combat I wounded his Great Warrior and killed one of his Warbearers and won the close combat. However, he rolled a one for his Nerve Test and passed the test, he needed a one or two to pass. We separated our warriors 2" off each. I then had four warriors which included two of my striplings to fire bows at his second group but I could not fire them because I had not spotted his group and had already spent my groups spotting roll on finding his other group so I could charge them. So my first action was over. He reacted and fired some arrow again. He then choose to recharge into me with his small Great Warrior group. He caused some wounds, and killed my Healer, but lost the fight this time failing the Nerve Test. I ended up capturing one of his wounded Warbearers and killing off his Stripling.
Fighting in the Three Sisters in front of the Village
The game at this point was mostly decided and the last turn was spent with both of us swooping up Furs Markers. Fur Markers play an important roll because each one can provide the player that collects it with a War! Dice in the Campaign Game, these are of course important in determining the size of your Warband for the Tabletop Game.


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