Campaign Turn #8

Mike had a great looking water board
I realized I hadn't posted in this blog for awhile. Things have been busy as I have about four things on my plate right now. I am of course playtesting this game and trying to get the manuscript in order. We have also been shipping many backorders as resin pieces come in. We are still trying to get the miniatures out to finish off the Kickstarter shipping. Finally we are going to Adepticon on March 23-25 and we have been working hard to get stuff out to our USA sponsor for that show. We hope to see you there. Please drop by Booth 51 and say hello.
Shooting down on the canoes
Paddling past the shore
Meanwhile we have been playing three games over the past month in order to get our Turn #8 sorted out. Our players went pretty aggressive this turn with all players taking a Forage order and then ganging up on two players. The Orenda Points leader (Orenda Points are what you use to determine who wins the campaign) won the initiative and put out a challenge and then in return was challenged by another player. The maximum you can face is two opponents in one Campaign turn. The second player was then challenged by another opponent so he would have to fight two tabletop battles this turn. These events were good as we had only one turn previously where a player was fighting multiple battles and this mechanic needed to be tested. We will see who can rack up the War! Dice for the next turn.
We have also been trying all the optional or advanced rules in our tabletop games this turn. That means we played with Fog/Night, snow and canoes. One player had painted up three canoes so of course the boys wanted to play with their new toys. Two players sat down to a Patrol scenario with canoes being involved. We had to go thru the rules and Howard is supposed to supply some updated canoe rules. The game ended very quickly when a medicine roll occurred and an old canoe was found along the shore of the lake. The player sent a warrior down to check out his find and was promptly attacked by an Angry Bear. After killing three warriors the bear waddled off to find easier pickings and the player forfeited the game due to losing one third of his troops.
The civilians and lone sentry in the field working.
I did not spot the civilians until they left the field
The next scenario we tried was a Raid. This was a new scenario created for the campaign. In this scenario you attempt to capture some civilians who are in a field of the Three Sisters working away. Up to three sentries are on duty. We used Fog in this game to see how the rules for this weather condition worked. The scenario worked out well with the defender getting off with the table with the three civilians. However, the fog and the fields of three sisters also brought up some interesting events surrounding spotting. We feel we need to add a line, if you have not spotted an enemy group you cannot move thru them or charge them. You move up to a half inch away and stop your movement at that point. You are surprised by the seeing the enemy in this area and your action is complete. You are considered to now have the group spotted. This will have to be added into the spotting section of the rulebook.
My vicious warriors!
Finally we performed a Chase scenario. This was also a new scenario we made up for the campaign. It involves the defender setting up on one side of the board and the Attacker coming on from one of the sides. This adds a different twist to the game. The defender is trying to get three Key Characters off the board while the Attacker is entering the board on his first Action and then attempting to catch the fleeing defenders. We played this scenario in the snow to see its effect on the game.
Chase Scenario in the Snow - some of my figures started the game wounded.
This scenario also brought out an interesting event as my advantage was that I had a shaman and my opponent did not. This meant I could summon the Stone Man and take automatic control of the Stone Man. It does not say this specifically in the Magic rules but we hypothesized that this as what was intended when I wrote the rules. So this will have to be added in. The second thing that happened was the Attacker fleeing when I conjured up my second Stone Man. So now we are wondering if only one Stone Man should be allowed per Shaman on the board. We will have to test this some more.
So in conclusion, alot of changes continue to manifest. This is a good thing. Also our next step will be to look at some multiplayer games to put into the scenarios section of the rulebook.

The Attacker had lots of bows!!

The figures have good contrast in the snow

Summon the Stone Man - we used a wolf figure because our Stone Man is at the shop being painted.


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