Nassagaweya Close Combat Playtest Part Two

Turn Two advancing through the woods
 Here is the after action report from our most recent Flint and Feather playtest. I will try to go through the rules so those following along at home can learn with us.
We set up a pretty basic eight figure skirmish. Each side was given a Great Warrior, Companion, four Warbearers and two striplings each. The striplings were bow armed and one warbearer was bow armed on each side. The Great Warrior and Companion on both sides were chosen as the figures with the spears. No skills were given out yet. We find we can play a game in this manner without filling out Warband Record Sheets, its even for both sides, and it is a fun little basic game. Just what we need at this point. A small copse of trees was placed in the middle of the table and some small hills around the edges. The copse of trees was the only terrain feature that played any effect in the game.

Turn One an injured Companion already!
Both war bands were placed about 24 inches apart with the copse of trees in the middle. Vidal started with two groups while I had one large group. I won initiative and approached at a walk. This is important because it is impossible to spot the opponent while running. (See the new spotting rules). Under the new spotting rules a group can declare spotting before they move or after they move. It is up to the owning players choice. I rolled a spotting roll, the opponents were considered in cover and a three or less on a d6 was required to spot the opposing group. I was successful with a roll of two. The first group was spotted. I performed bow fire with my striplings and missed the Mohawk warband.

Vidal then took his reaction to my movement. Both his groups activated as he needed a five or less for the Great Warriors Group and a four or less with the group led by his Companion. He then did not move but preferred to roll spotting rolls. One group passed on a three or less while the other failed on a roll of five. Fortunately for Vidal his group with the Striplings had spotted me and they fired off their bows. First blood went to the Mohawk as they injured my Companion doing a light wound to the figure.
My injured Companion. He was an easier target because he was not concealed by the trees at all.

 On my second action I continued forward closing the distance and attempted to spot the second Mohawk group. My spotting roll was successful and all groups were now spotted on the tabletop. Figures are moved on the tabletop and visible even if not spotted but they cannot be fired at or charged if they are not spotted. We use intervening terrain for cover or concealment. If one group is in the woods and one group is in the open the group in the woods would be considered in concealment. If the woods is intervening between both groups (ie no one is actually in the woods) both groups are considered in cover as the woods is a greater obstacle (even though both groups are in the open on either side of the woods). If a group was in the woods and had yet another woods between themselves and the spotting woods then they are even harder to spot (this is called Hardest to Spot). I fired my striplings needing a one to hit with their bows. I scored a lucky hit with a one and then on the random roll I luckily wounded his Great Warrior, Yay! Great Warriors and Companions can choose their targets but all others require a random determination for damage. They also choose their cards in close combat rather than a random pick which is performed by all other warriors.
Advancing through the trees.

It is now the Mohawk`s turn (Turn Two). Vidal chooses to hold his ground and fire his bows at my warriors. He fires the Striplings needing a two or less. They are +1 for firing at short range. However, they are now -1 for firing at concealed targets which leaves them as their regular CV which is two. His bow armed warbearer has the same modifiers but his CV is three. Vidal rolls two hits and under random determination all hits are done to the same target. Vidal rolls his damage and kills one of my striplings outright. This bow fire is becoming withering. The only time a Nerve Test (morale) can be caused by bow fire is if the Great Warrior is knocked down due to bow fire. This hasn`t occurred yet so no Nerve tests are required.

In my Reaction phase to Vidal's move I activate my group rolling a five, exactly what I need against my Great Warriors CV of five. I cannot charge yet as I deem the distance is too great so I walk forward and fire my bows. Needing a two and a three I miss both dice throws.

In Vidal's final phase he again decides to fire his bows but no damage is done to my group. Ah perhaps the die has turned. Vidal is playing a cagey game. We are here to playtest the Close Combat rules and he is sticking to his bow fire. I believe I have thrown him off with my discussion about the new British 8th Army in Africa figures that Crucible Crush is working on.

Well I will break off at this point and next week I can give you the dramatic conclusion to the game. We will also be at Hotlead in Stratford Ontario on March 18, 19 so we should have some more pictures and another report from this playtest. Thanks for following.

A quick update on the Kickstarter. Bob Murch is diligently painting miniatures. He has over forty different sculpts now done. Once he has the first twenty eight painted we will be picturing them and getting them loaded into the Kickstarter. The opening deal will include all twenty eight warriors coming in two box sets of fourteen each. Fourteen Iroquois and Fourteen Huron Warriors. This will be accompanied by the rule book, campaign rulebook, combat cards and dice for the game. This set should give you a complete Flint and Feather game. Look for the Kickstarter towards the end of the month.


  1. I took your last paragraph and posted it on "The Miniatures Page". Hope you don't mind.

    But a question was asked: If the opening deal is for two box sets of fourteen each, where do the 30 figures figure in?

    1. Should be twenty eight total. Typo on my part as we were discussing two sets of 15 minis but that has been revised at this point. Missed it in my revision, sorry.


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