Potawatomi Playtest

The Great Warrior
We were at Little Wars in Lombard, Illinois playtesting the Flint and Feather game on the weekend.
This area was inhabited by the Potawatomi people of the Great Plains. During the Beaver Wars they fled to the area around Green Bay to escape attacks by both the Iroquois and the Neutral Nations who were expanding their hunting grounds. The Potawatomi called themselves Neshnabe and they were part of a long term alliance with the Ojibwe and Odawa tribes.

Marching across the frozen tundra.

We set up our table with a new tabletop mat that we purchased from Cigar Box Battle Mats that we purchased at the show http://www.cigarboxbattle.com/
This mat added a great look to our tabletop. We thru in some frosted pine trees with excellent basing by Dave McKay. This mat really makes the battlefield look nice with a minimal amount of work.
Moving to cover behind the rocks
Taking cover from bow fire.
We taught the game to six new players and they picked it up very quickly. They enjoyed their time and really thought the game was a good Friday Fun night game. It took about three hours to get a result with the players actually pushing the action much further than needed. The winning team grabbed five out six of the Furs Markers and had killed the Great Warrior and both Striplings on the losing side. It was truly a great victory for them. However, the players wanted to see extended combat and thus on the final turn a medicine roll was failed (or succeeded, depending on your point of view) and an Oki appeared out of a sinkhole and started to inflict damage on the winning side.
It was a very successful test of the rules and we are very happy that all the changes we have made to the rules over the last few months were met with approval from these new players. Thanks to Jon, John Paul, Anthony, Thomas and the two Steve's who took part in the playtest. Photos have been attached to show the action.

The Kickstater is set to begin, we just need approval from Kickstarter to start the project. Look for us to begin as soon as this approval is given.
Edit: After I finished this blog entry and posted it I went back to check the Kickstarter and we are approved! So its official we will be a go on Wednesday morning! Stay tuned for the official launch notification.


  1. The new table setup looks great! Looking forward to trying out the new rules.

    Good luck with the KS!


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