Campaign Playtest

I am very proud to report that we sat down with four players on Sunday evening and started working on the campaign rules for the Flint and Feather game. We started by making up 100 Fur Warbands each. We had four players, two of which had played before but in the earlier playtesting versions. So we put two players on each side and started teaching the rules with our new upgraded warbands.

 We found a couple of key things out about how the rules were written. In no particular order these are:
1. Furs Markers should be set up no closer than 9" to either player edge and at least 6" from another marker in order to play on a 36" square board.
2. Huge Club is still in equipment but has no effect in the basic game.
3. Monsters move at the end of the active players turn. So, Active Player takes first action, Reaction by opponent, Active player takes second action. Monsters now move. Second Player become Active Player and does first Action, first player Reaction, second player finishes turn with second action. Monsters now move again.
4. We had our first occurrence of  a group not being spotted until it charged into the enemy. This was due to the player running, so it brought up the converstation of an auto-spot rule. We are working on this.
These were the major issues we found with the basic rules. Some of these issues are us just the rules writer not being effective at communicating his desires via the written word. Others are just oversight. We will work on getting the basic rules updated and reposted.

Onto the Game
We played a quick game in which one players group was unable to spot his opponents group, due to running to get a Furs Marker. He ran up beside a Furs Marker and then tried his spot into some trees, so his opponent was in concealment and rolled a six. He had already spotted the second group at the beginning of the game so he fired off three arrows at the second group, which was actually farther away. He rolled three ones, killing one warrior and causing a wound on a second warrior. Fine shooting indeed.

You can see the bowmen shooting at the targets behind the first group.
Of course at this point the opponent rose up out of hiding and charged into the unsuspecting foe. The fight was quick and bloody with a Veteran Warrior being knocked down and captured, and the Companion and a Warbearer getting wounded. The players warriors failed their  Nerve test and ran away with a demoralized result. At this point in time we decided to move on into the campaign rules as none of us had ever played with these rules.

The Campaign Rules
 The winning side had collected 179 points and divided it between the two players. They had also grabbed three Furs Markers when the game ended and received points for those as well. These points are divided up into three categories. Furs allows you to buy new warriors to replace loses. Experience is acquired equal to 1/4 of the points total. This is used to buy new equipment or attributes for your warriors. Finally the remaining points go towards the Great Warriors Reputation or Orenda. Each injured figure also gets a roll on the wound chart to see how they are effected by the blows they received. This can come as a modifier during the game or outright death.

So we have just started into the campaign. Look for more updates as we move thru the games.


  1. I've been really looking forward to this ever since I play tested the game with my son at Fall In last year. I think that developing a war band in this game will really build a great story

  2. Really excited to give this a try. Why remove the effects of Huge clubs?


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