Campaign Turn #7

His Great Warrior surrounded by comrades
We have been working thru Turn Seven of our campaign game.This turn seemed to hold a lot of discussion. First we had a player make a successful Trip to Kebec. This brought on discussion about what should be available there to trade with the Europeans. Other than the obvious "Shining Wood" we have added the European Axe and the European Knife. Both of these items give you a bonus in close combat. The European Axe gives you a bonus of +1d6 when using the Counter Blow Card. The European Knife will negate the bonus against using a secondary weapon and is therefore good to give to warriors with bows.  You can also acquire glass beads and metal cooking pots. Both of these items have a positive effect in the campaign game.
We then ran thru the Aftermath Phase for Turn 6 and started our Turn 7. In this turn we had a player get challenged twice in a turn. This has never happened before so we needed to work out the effects of it in the Campaign Game which is why we are here.
My Companion in Full Wood Armour grabs a Furs Marker
We also took the opportunity to revise one of the Campaign Scenarios and make up two new ones. This adds variety to the Campaign as each scenario tells a story which adds excitement to the game.
I was involved in a Blood Feud scenario against the player who had been challenged twice in the turn. I got to play against him first.
In the Blood Feud scenario the challenging player chooses the side of the board that he wants, lines up his warriors first and has the initiative on the first turn. The objective of the Blood Feud is to fight to the bitter end. If you are the last player on the board with figures standing you get three War! Dice. If you leave the field with figures remaining than you give up two War! Dice to your opponent while gaining one yourself. Also, there is a victory condition where both players may agree to end the feud and each player retires with one War! Dice. There has to be a minimum of one Close Combat in order to evoke this deal.
My Great Warrior and Companion both had bows
My Great Warrior is named White Feather
My opponent was playing a very defensive game, keeping his warriors in one Group and moving slowly forward. This gave me the opportunity to move my two Groups about the field gathering Furs Markers and I was able to get five of the six markers before any combat was joined.
Medicine Card Event - attacked by a wolf
Another interesting event occurred on my second turn. For Activation I rolled a Medicine Roll. We then pulled the card Heavy Rain. This event reduces visibility to 18", applies a CV-1 modifier to all shooting, and causes fuses to go out on Shining Wood. Well my opponents Great Warrior was armed with a Shining Wood and had yet to fire it. He lost the use of the weapon for the rest of the game. A great turn of events for me!
The Warriors face off after their first round of combat
The game ended after the first close combat, with me convincing my opponent that he was going to have to fight another tabletop battle this campaign turn so it was in his best interest to agree to leave the field. I had already collected five Furs Markers and this extra War! Dice gave me a total of six dice for the game. A great deal for me. He agreed and we called the game a draw as my warriors galloped off the table with Furs in hand (figuratively of course).
So the Campaign Game is progressing well. We have added plenty of material and ironed out much of the game play. It is well in hand and the rules are typed up for the manuscript. I have been editing on a weekly basis and keeping it up to date. We have also begun art work for the rulebook. This project is well in hand and we are looking forward to getting the rulebook published.


  1. I play tested a good game with my kids yesterday. We used two canoes for the first time and also used Shamens and Healers with starting spirits. Several turns went by before the first melee while the Huron canoes moved very close to the landing. One canoe was sunk by a Shining Wood but the furs inside were saved by the surviving paddler and carried to the landing. The first melee was very decisive for the Huron, three Iroquois warriors were knocked down including the Great Warrior against one Huron war-bearer knocked down. The next melee offered an advantage to the Huron but had even results. However the damage was already done: Huron- 185 pts Iroquois- 45 pts.
    The good news is that the kids want to play again.


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