Campaign Playtest Continues II

Some Figures painted by Mike
In this weeks update we moved into Turn #3. War! Dice were tallied and Councils were convinced. All four players performed a Forage Order and challenges were issued.
At the Ambush site
In the first game a Skirmish scenario was rolled and the players set up opposite each other. In the Skirmish scenario the Attacker moves his forces onto the table after the Defender is deployed in the starting area. The game was a success for both players. The defender grabbed four Furs Markers before being pushed off the table. The Attacker however captured both the Great Warrior and a Stripling from the Defenders Warband. In close combat the Great Warrior was knocked down, the Stripling was knocked down and a War-bearer was killed. The Nerve Test was failed by three or more and with no warriors to retreat the Great Warrior and Stripling were left to be bound by their opponent. In the Aftermath Phase the Great Warrior is automatically killed but the Stripling was adopted into the opponents tribe on a successful die roll. Rumor has it that a young maiden named Bounces in the Woods was used as a bribe to turn the young warriors head.
The players came out of the game with a score of five War! Dice to four War! Dice acquired.

In the second game the two players once again played an Ambush scenario. In this outing a Shaman was employed to little avail when not placed with a leader figure (either Companion or Great Warrior). In fact the Warband was light on leadership as the Companion was stuck in the campground due to being dealt a Wound in the previous tabletop battle. It is interesting to see how the campaign game can cause changes in strategy and tactics due to previous turns events. Needless to say the ambushing Warband had difficulty activating in the game due to lack of leadership. One Group consisting of War-bearers and Striplings had trouble Reacting. The Group needed a three or less to React and did not pass a reaction roll in the entire game.
Moving to the Creek

We have added rules for Orenda Points to the Campaign Game. This system actually determines the winner of the Campaign Game. Each Tabletop Battle you win gains your Great Warrior an Orenda Point. Other events are awarded with Orenda Points as well. The Great Warrior with the highest total Orenda Points wins the Campaign Game. Alternately the players can agree to play to a certain number of Orenda Points. The Orenda Point system also opens the door to game events that can add Orenda Points to the Great Warrior. For instance if your Great Warrior is slain and you have to promote your Companion to replace him then you open the Avenger event. This event gives you extra Orenda Points if you win a tabletop game against the Great Warrior that killed your Great Warrior.
We think that all these ideas add to the Campaign Game and give the players a better feeling for the period.

Fighting over a Furs Marker


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