War! Dice and Campaign Cards in the Campaign Game

On Thursday we sat down to another playtest session using the new Campaign Rules we had brewed up. We had just finished our tabletop battles from Turn #1 and we had gone thru most of the Aftermath phase. We were ready to begin our second turn. It was interesting that the players all wanted to take a Rest Order in the second turn. So learning the rules, and creating some new ones as we went, it was determined that you could only carry over half your War! Dice from the previous turn. This makes it important to spend your War! Dice especially if you have any extra because you do not round up, rather you round down any dice you carry over. War! Dice are what you earn for winning tabletop games and they are what you spend during your Campaign Turn.
For instance if you take five dice into the next turn you would get two War! Dice to add to your total for the next turn. So why not spend the one and only carry four over, if you were going to hold any dice over the next turn at all.
We felt this was an important consideration because it stops players from creating or whole large bag of War! Dice that they can then use to attack one player on a subsequent turn. We also felt this more accurately reflected the period when breaks in warfare to clear the fields and hunt were a natural requirement due to the need for survival among the tribes.
The fact that the players all took Rest Orders allowed us to work through how this order would work in the game. You can either take a Training session or a Build Session for your Rest Order. If you choose a Training session then you can take a free Campaign Card. Campaign Cards have many different effects on the game but the basic purpose of them is to allow your Special or Key Characters to get better. The cards also have some random events that can effect the Campaign Game or even the tabletop game.
All in all I think the game is developing well. The players are having fun and the game is playing with relative ease so far. We play again this week with all four players lined up for a tabletop battles. Please stay tuned for the results. 


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